Self Analysis

December 20, 2008

M.L. completed the Book Course on Self Analysis. She said,” This was a very easy book to understand. It was really cool learning about how to handle certain things that happen in session. Very helpful to me! 🙂


Confessional Auditing Brings Relief

October 14, 2008

A confessional is a type of auditing which deals with clearing up overts (transgressions against one’s own moral code). It raises a person’s cause level because overts are the main reason a person restrains himself and withholds himself from action. Confessional auditing helps the individual straighten out his interpersonal relationships and achieve the maximum spiritual gains from auditing. S.P. completed a confessional this week and said, “This confessional was awesome because it cleared up so many things I had on my mind. It’s tough to think of anything now that I have attention on. I feel like I no longer have anything to hide and I just feel good.”

The Dynamics of Money

July 28, 2008

Dennis completed the course, The Dynamics of Money. This course educates a person in how money works and how to handle it. These skills are vital for life improvement. When Dennis finished, he said, “Wow! No boundaries. I feel like I have acquired a new relationship to money and my ability to have and/or not have it – without all the stress.”

Scientology can make life happier

June 25, 2008

Life Repair Auditing is auditing designed to bring a lot of brightness back into a person’s life and help him or her to relieve past upsets in life so that the future is beautiful. This is from a recent completion “When I first started Life Repair, I was depressed and distraught over a lot of things that had happened in my career. Now I’ve come to realize that the world isn’t nearly as hostile as it seemed and that managing my fears and concerns required me to maintain a high level of optimism. I’ve learned to face my problems and my anger issues and have figured out where a lot of my frustrations came from. Life Repair has made me much more optimistic about life. I feel that I can get out there and achieve what I aim to achieve. I understand what mistakes I’ve made in the past and have learned how not to make them again. Life is not perfect but I’ve learned that there are lots of good things in life and I need to stop and learn to enjoy them.”

Success from Scientology Books

June 20, 2008

Here is a success story from a new student after only a few chapters of study on the book Problems of Work: “This book has helped me understand more the problems that occur in everyday life, not only at work but in normal life situations, relationships or even family. The course allows you to identify some or all of the errors that we commit in our lives and how to approach them in order to make something good out of something bad. Also by teaching you how to deal with other people, you improve your social skills.” L.M. Photo Lab Supervisor

Saturday Seminar

June 9, 2008

Please join us this Saturday, June 14th at 12:30 PM for another Saturday Seminar.  This week Christina Guzzetta will speak about interior decorating and how you can become an artist for your home.

Living Gluten-free

May 1, 2008

Saturday, May 3rd at 12:30 – Gluten-free living Seminar with Dr. Vikki Petersen, an authority on living gluten-free. Gluten Intolerance is possibly the most undiagnosed condition that close to 50% of the population suffers from. Learn how to live gluten-free and love it.

The Way to Happiness

May 1, 2008

Harrison finished the extension course for the Way to Happiness book, a book by L. Ron Hubbard on a common-sense and non-religious moral code.  He says, “This was very fun to learn and I look forward to applying it in life.”

Photography Seminar

April 25, 2008

This coming Saturday Seminar is all about art – specifically using photography as art. Professional Photographer, Jeff Hosier, will be delivering this seminar and will give you helpful information on taking great photos. Saturday, April 26th at 12:30 at the mission.

Success Through Communication Course

April 25, 2008

Here is a success story from a woman currently on the Success Through Communication Course. This course teaches and has practical exercises on eighteen different skills of communication.

“I have become more aware of the present. Through the years of living in the past and worrying about the future, it is refreshing to at last be able to say,’It’s more fun living in the present.’ The flowers I see have more vivid colors, the texture of the sidewalk pavement I walk on seems to be three dimensional. Even my outlook in life seems to have changed to an attitude of looking forward to a new beginning and a new way of seeing things.”